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 To loveshys
04.11.2018 20:29 | Krusi

Love-shy post


So the man said: ”Incel!” after performing his mass homicide. He told that he did his act because women are disrespectful towards betamales. But what I read between the lines was that, this man had himself isolated himself from love and acceptance and made a choice to bond with women through hate and resentment.


This is not about women at all: this is about you. You're producting your own pain. I believe that what you need is not love and comfort from women, but you need to help yourself and release yourselves from this pain. You dont want sex: you want the pain to stop. You're hurt, but you can change that. You can recover. What you need is to own your life fully and taking responsibility over your condition. You can be yourselves, you dont need to take PUA classes: ok, but at least own it. Be proud of who you are by owning your life.


Maybe if you want to solve this issue, there are options: to read pickup books, get in shape physically or just being more social. But what you need is a plan to execute it. You dont need women at all. You'll need to take your power back and release yourself free from this horrid nightmare that you're keeping alive by disowning your life. The things you need could always be there, but you dont get them because you dont know what it is that you want. The thing you want could be right up your nose, but because you dont know what you want you remain miserable. Doing arts, playing games, working, reading or playing sports are good alternative options. The second best thing you could do is consider owning your condition and enjoying life to the fullest.

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 - Krusi





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